’97 Rolla – the show car no one asked for

So here we have my daily driver, a 1997 Toyota Corolla DX, a fairly decent car, but not something anyone ever expected to be just WOWED by. It’s come a long way since I started on it, but it still has quite a ways to go before I’m done. Here’s what it’s got going on and what’s up for the next couple of steps.

It has 3 Pioneer Champion Series (10″) subs, a redone headliner and dash, from tan to black, sound activated lights have been added to the headliner, and flashers on the floor panels. It needs a little bit more TLC, but it’s on its way.

The next few steps are Competition grade 6.5″ components, and another amplifier to power. Fairly soon after; I hope to start working on the outside. The next steps will be a body kit and fenders (that are already picked out), as well as headlight assemblies, tail light assemblies, and paint color.

After all that, we still have the motor to work on, Luckily, I have the 7AFE, but the current plan is to go ahead and go ALL in on this E100 and convert it to the 7AGE, then the 7AGTE. Oh yeah, we want this little corolla no one is expecting to really be anything, and make it something nice and fun.

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